bad taste releases
dissonance is orgasmic blissdissonance is bliss EP
perpetual emotion machine perpetual emotion machine
errata vol ierrata vol i
_the fezzuck_ _the fezzuck_
errata vol iierrata vol ii
maura's milk chocolate bathmaura's milk chocolate bath
true data 12true data 12"
droplift IIdroplift II
wack cylinderswack cylinders
mash smarter not hardermash smarter not harder EP
a huge smasha huge smash
compilation appearances
bad taste #11/trash tapes #20
do you think it's cool, to be a one-men scene.

conceptual chaos ltd #1
"the way to go dumb ass remixes"

bad taste #19
sound not fit for human consumption

illegal art #cd021
bricolage #1

indy mp3 project
mass produced mp3cd featuring 170 indianapolis artists
other side projects
animals within animals: sometimes referred to by varying abbreviations, most commonly awia. experience the supergroup founded by me & lander kitt!

pirates of the internet: a plundergroup featuring me (aka mp3beard) & murkbox (aka MPEG-leg)
pre-Bad Taste works
here are the mighty mighty ben-boy (from pre-stAllio! days) cassettes as well as the pre-bad taste stAllio! cassettes. they are currently out of print.

mighty mighty ben-boy

the mighty mighty benboy
420 on an undercover cop
the I Love Bob Dole e.p

stAllio! (mostly barbershop w/some early electronix):

funeral 4a benfuneral for a ben
barbershop!barbershop demo
bad taste has tons of stAllio! mp3s for free download. for the latest stAllio! mp3s, try here, or check awia news for links & other goodies.