420 on an undercover cop

(the second album) (cassette only)

The Songs:

bobdolesong (skreemix 96) Mr. Jones
pu'ah intermission1 (aphex twin is my idol mix 96)
S'cats! Rock N' Roll Atmosphere
b'boy b'box my credit's bad
Blue Horn Serenade F**k Windows!
neverstoppin' Thermonuclear Global War! (half impulse, mr data mix 96)
Steamroller Theme Ahh, Pantera!
...kids these days ...he says...
testing concept bomb ski'a
Thermonuclear Global War! (Pseuper Psykik Ambient Mix 96) Cheers Theme
ta-da! Full-Fledged Nechklex
On My Jock B-to-the-S
Soap Opera Song Don't Put Your Penis Where You Wouldn't Put Your Mouth
in the AM Concentrated Oomph!
who needs titles? (? > ?-> d)(*)^2
Same Room
I Saw Your Mommy
$ in mah pokkit
Jeana is a Great Kickball Player

All songswritten/performed/produced by the mighty mighty benboy except:

I Saw Your Mommy written by Suicidal Tendencies, copyright 1983 Frontier Records

Mr. Jones not written by me, copyright 1993 EMI Blackwood Music/Jones Falls Music (bmi)

Cheers Theme written/orig. recorded by Gary Portnoy (copyright forgotten), remixed by Stallio!

tgw Pseuper Mix performed by benboy & Pseuper Psykik

On My Jock produced by Grey Vogel