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fixed that for you
next-level post-mashup madness. this is the one you've been waiting for!
sword to your mother
glitchy loopy dark ambient, following footsteps of wack cylinders
on the DLL
triumphant return to the world of data sound
true data 12"
now available for streaming on soundcloud; still for sale in the AWIA shop
a huge smash
epic post-mashup full-length follow-up to mash smarter
mash smarter not harder EP
post-mashup madness—the new hotness! free download from bad taste
wack cylinders
dark ambient & drone album for free download from bad taste
droplift II
quite possibly the world's first compilation parody: sample-laden fun
dissonance is bliss!
my first EP of databent and sonified music, circa 1999
we will iraq you (full version)
sounds from the burning bush. 10+ minutes long!
we will iraq you ("radio edit")
the bush cutup material by itself, without that 7+ minutes of c-span nonsense at the end.
halloween monster mania
i asked boo-berry to help me spin some records & we came up with this.
fuck windows!
from 1996: all samples from win3.1, sim city, or civilization
cut from the true data 12"
bit record
also cut from true data 12"
possibly my anthem
read the title. nuff said.
stAllio! vs swoosh vs thursday club
3 dudes, 3 radios, 38 mins

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