stAllio! errata vol ii

bad taste #18

  1. jabberwacky
  2. lavatory safety tip
  3. fiddlesticks
  4. robot bunny rabbit
  5. senior people
  6. SDHD on a HC
  7. transatlantic botulism
  8. sometimes i awake
  9. things (supah stereo mix)
  10. stuff (dizzy mix)
  11. thermonuclear global war
  12. RPS H20
  13. internL failure (head crash mix)
  14. internL failure (voice coil actuator mix)
  15. internL failure (please go out with me mix)

errata vol 2 is a "b-sides compilation" of tracks that were cut from _the fezzuck_, a few super-old tracker songs, and a couple other odds & ends.