# Artist Track Title
1.Sharp ImplementGrowing Up
2.Cannibals Eating CannibalsTheme from Droplift II
3.Naked RabbiCars That Go Boom
4.Orchid Spongiform EncephalopathyFlesh's Art Trash Self
5.WRPLUWhat's Lesbianism?
6.the Brainiac FiguresHavin' a Ball
7.Paranoid ExporterUnravel
8.StalloneA Parliament of Ritz
9.The Sh*tMy First Girlfriend
10.The Former CzechoslovakiaAdman's Lament
11.Duane PisstakeDroplift the Needle
12.Brain ShiversQuestionable
13.Orchid Spongiform EncephalopathyThe Search for Meaning
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