maura's milk chocolate bath
available for free download from bad taste.

somewhere between cut&paste/collage & "hardcore"/noise, with enough elements of both to alienate purist fans of either. laugh as st! slices apart pop culture to explore the links between sex, food, & bathing! drool at the glossy, full-color pop-erotic artwork! ponder how st! got a real woman to pose topless for said artwork! sometimes noisy, sometimes raunchy, & consistently silly, this cd might make you feel dirty. but will you feel dirty enough to wash up in a giant tub full of cocoa-flavored cereal?
1. bathtime fun
a nice little bathing collage, as heard on hour of slack #810 & bricolage #1.
2. boo!
the main part of this collage was taken from the angela anaconda halloween song "i'm gonna scare you", as taken from the cd general mills & fox family present 13 days of halloween: rhythm & boos (included free inside select boxes of big G monster cereals. i got my copies from boo-berry). as heard on hour of slack #844 & bricolage #1.
3. chex squadron vs the cereal eaters
even though it was written first, "get me out of this gunk" could be considered part 2 of this track. at any rate, "gunk" sure doesn't seem on-theme until you've heard this bit of setup.
4. crunch!
a cereal piece with a beat, as heard on hour of slack #s 818 & 819.
5. skin to win
this nudity collage actually has a tight little breakbeat that comes in for a few seconds occasionally. featured on hour of slack #856.
6. catwoman cleans herself
this one kind of stretches the theme a bit, but it's fun.
7. out of the box
made using samples & data from a demo version of radio disney music mix studio, included free in select boxes of rice krispies.
8. baby got ribs
i like big ribs & i cannot lie.
9. snap crackle pop music
the nature of this collage should be self-explanatory.
10 whole grain goodness
a dense, soupy mass of cereal commercials. good luck, trainspotters.
11. war of the selfish mascots
cereal commercials & a very special episode of the powerpuff girls. the beats were made exclusively using powerpuff sound effects.
12. live-in butler
originally composed for the may 3 show in belvidere il, then adapted for this cd... booty house, army training films, internet breakbeats, a bit of data... oh yeah, & mr belvedere.
13. supercharge breakfast
the first all "instrumental" track of the album, this was created using only 20sec or so of data from the chex quest game.
14. candy rapper
what do grace slick, the flintstones, & aqua teen hunger force have in common? um...
15. saturday morning sloppy seconds
a little ditty that runs back through the major themes of the cd, & briefly revisits a few familiar samples as well. shows the subtle links between mushy cereal, bathing, & taking off your clothes (pants).
16. get me out of this gunk!
consists of samples & data taken from the doom-based first-person-shooter game "chex quest", included several years ago in select boxes of chex cereals. could very well be the last track on the album.
total running time approx: 70:32 or something

artwork by intimidation-factory

available for free download from bad taste.