the mighty mighty benboy

(cassette only)

The Songs:

intro exploDe
PARTY! interm(ission)
intermission1 SynthClaire?
gobble the infamous tune
uncredited Sugarcubes sample a bah humbug song
the Trip That Last Song
Jeannie i miss emily
Mmmph! i wish you would not light on fire
intermission2 Cliato
intermission3 Somethin' Else
Navajo Training Song eyewish
Funny 2 Me bagel w'creamcheese
Naked things (baddub mix 95)
the tone stuff (crappytape mix 95)
the sound I Love Trash!
Chimera dirge
Morphenomenal Return of the Benboy!
Techno Party hhow the musik gos
why not me? mellow
How Dry I Am Now We Know
intermission3 revisited Lost Track (now found)
newscast Record Collection
cheerysong DJ's Mary Ann Dilemma
Johnny my own private bonus noise
my moustache
Reggae Castillano Song

All songs written/preformed by the mighty mighty ben-boy except:

Salaminizer, written by Gwar. copyright 1990 Master Records/BMG Songs (ascap)

I Love Trash, orig. performed by the Puff N' Toot Singers & Orchestra, remixed by Stallio!; orig copyright not known.