stAllio! -- funeral for a ben lp

barBershop is here!

contains the barbershop debacle Phylooh ep, the more electronic SOrrd ep and the classic bob dole ep

okay, so the rumors didn't used to be true, but they are now. yes, the mighty mighty ben-boy is dead, but that's okay, because it was only a part-time gig. and honestly, his funeral is the best thing that ever came from the ben-boy.

yes, stAllio! has arose from the ashes. designed to promote the upcoming concept album barbershop, the Phoylooh ep gives audiences a glimpse of his pioneering idea known as barbershop music. thrown in for fun (this is a funeral, after all) is the SOrrd ep a collection of tracker songs, keyboard songs, and broken record player songs (remember I Love Trash?) and the almost-nonexistant bob dole ep

Phoylooh ep

rumorz iz tru
industrial gibberish
mighty bloop nation
bobdolesong (vox & glox mix)
goodbah tep numbawon
she don't think she's pretty
pingpong, pt. 1
booze fest
pingpong, pt. 2
when my vengeance comes around
Deep Russian
invasion 4ce
a bum, a clicky, a thumb, a clack
the song that i'm singing
i don't want yer sandwich

SOrrd ep

sometimes I awake
Things! (supah steReo mix)
Industry L Fickafule
Stuff (dizzy mix)
wuuza synth caste system
wuuza synth wind h8er
wuuza synth blues-off
Puttin' on the Ritz
Cheers Theme (xtra long, xtra destroyed)

bob dole ep

all songs written by stAllio!, 1997 xcept Motorbreath (J. Hetfield), copyright 1983 Metallica / Puttin' on the Ritz recorded by Taco (i don't know the writer just now) & destroyed by stAllio! / Cheers Theme written & recorded by Gary Portnoy, destroyed by stAllio!
thanks to g8or for use of the 4-track, pseuper psykik for use of his stereo for mixdown & stuff, & wuuza for use of the wuuza synth