a huge smash
available for free download from bad taste.

the seed that was planted in mash smarter not harder comes into full bloom in the epic full-length follow-up, a huge smash! continuing on from where mash smarter left off, the samples get shorter than ever, but somehow they remain recognizable. your favorite hits of the '60s through today are smashed into bits and spliced together into catchy, glitchy, post-mashup madness! if mash smarter was algebra, then a huge smash is calculus (and let's face it, some of those other "mashup" artists are just arithmetic).

a huge smash is a must-listen for people who like mashups, people who used to love mashups but nowadays find them boring, or anyone interested in remixing, sampling, audio manipulation, and the like. download a huge smash today!
1. rockin' the pop charts
that's what i love
2. beat jacker
that's what i am
3. i will destroy you
or just your preconceptions
4. who do you think you are?
because i'd like to join your mailing list
5. you've got to be joking
desperate but not entirely serious
6. better than yours
Q. my tracks are _______
7. your guitar is skipping
are you going to do something about that?
8. greatest orchestra hits
as determined by our panel of judges
9. that new shit
(as of the time of this writing)
10. pull up to my buffer
and hurry up; i want to watch this video already
11. standing athwart hammertime
what part of "stop! hammertime!" don't you understand?
available for free download from bad taste.