stAllio! "true data" 12"

stAllio!'s 12" record of databent music. limited/small pressing of 200 on 140gram vinyl. see the discog entry for more info.

now only $7 US (+ S&H)! there's also a combo deal of one 12" + one t-shirt for $12 US (+ S&H). if you are already impressed, skip to the ordering info.

recycle your record collection t-shirt

these t-shirts are available in black in men's M and X-XXL, and purple in adult/men's sizes M-XXL (sorry, sold out of black L.)

we also have a limited stock of "girly" shirts in medium/one-size-fits-all. girly shirts are available in black and lavender. (for sizing info about the girly shirts, check out the relevant sizing chart and garment specs at american apparel.)

all shirts are $8 (+ S&H) (inside the U.S, that's about $10 total). but if you're ordering a shirt anyway, why not get the combo deal and get a 12" while you're at it?

combo deals

get a bargain when you buy both a shirt and a 12"! the combo deal is one t-shirt + one 12" for $12US (+S&H). if you want multiples of either, we'll take $1 off each additional item (that's extra records for $7 or extra shirts for $6). see ordering info for more details.

ordering direct from us

email with your order and your address. make sure your "subject" is distinctive enough that i don't delete it thinking it's more viagra spam! a good tip would be to include a keyword like "AWIA SHOP" or "true data" or "recycle shirt" in the subject line. also be sure to specify the size & color shirt you want if you're ordering one.

st! will get back to you soon with a shipping quote and total. i accept paypal or we can discuss other payment options.

this probably goes without saying, but if you're buying something that doesn't have S&H built into the price (records, cds, and combo deals), please don't send paypal until i've emailed you a total... you might screw yourself over by paying more for shipping than i would charge you!

ordering elsewhere

hey, i know how it goes. sometimes when you're buying records online, you want to buy a few or several at once. shipping is a bitch & even cheap rates like media mail add up.

you can buy stAllio!'s "true data" 12" from the following online shops:

US mailorder
Wrecked Distro
Wrecked is an online shop out of pittsburgh, with an emphasis on vinyl (but there are cds too). like it says on the website: we carry a wide variety of different music/media specializing in: breakcore, drill'n'bass, experimental hardcore, rhythmic noise, weird dub, robot electro, melodic idm, alt hiphop, fractured ambient, electronic humor and the many uncategorizable variations thereof, especially labels and artists with a diy outlook. highly endorsed by animals within animals. they have a few other bad taste cds too.
Illegal Art
it's an underground label and a distro. Illegal Art is a home to all sorts of "illegal" sample-based/plunderphonic/plagiarhythmic/audio collage music, including releases by teen heartthrob Girl Talk, plunder guru Wobbly, and a few comps (one of which features stAllio!). on top of that, the IA webshop is the primary distributor for the Evolution Control Committee, so you know they've got cred. IA also carries a couple other bad taste cds. they specialize in cds but do sell a little some vinyl (obviously). highly endorsed.
europe mailorder
Christoph Fringeli, who runs the Praxis Records label and distro based out of basel, switzerland, is one of the most respected figures in the european hardcore/breakcore scene, known not just for producing, releasing, and distributing records, but for years of political activism as well. just browse through Praxis's mailorder catalog... lots of good records there: of particular interest is the "RESTROOM 12.003/.004" compilation featuring a track by our own Dr. Butcher M.D.
Smash Berlin
Berlin-based and run by LFO Demon, Smash Berlin is an online community, webshop, and host to LFO Demon's Sprengstoff Recordings as well as DJ Rokkon's Mindbender Recordings. They host breakcore/hardcore parties in Berlin, host mp3s by several artists, have their own forum, and all that good stuff.

(if you work for or know a distro [especially overseas!!!] that is interested in carrying stAllio!'s "true data" 12", please contact stAllio! ASAP!)