_the fezzuck_

bad taste #16

from the bad taste catalog:

This third full-length on Bad Taste could be stAllio!'s breakthrough release. The upgrade of the stAllio! sound moves in all directions, at times both darker & lighter, both more & less accessible than previous releases. 17 tracks, from the almost straightforward hardcore of "action figure sold separately" or "vocational rehabilitation" to the crunching noise-break of "fast like now" to high-pitched silliness on "swingset" to arpeggio-worship on "peanut butter" to out-of-context confusion on "behind the refrigerator door" to... hell, I don't know how to describe this cd & you won't either, but the plentiful sound samples out there in the p2p universe will leave you asking yourself "...the fezzuck?!" We're very excited about this new release; it could even sell in the double digits! With full-color artwork & a free sticker included.

what people are saying about _the fezzuck_:

I am listening to the StAllio Fezzuck cd right now, first track sounds like ritual sacrifice music that involves burning the heads off ken dolls then getting into a coleco vision car and running down your tribe.
-winnipeg superstar producer aaron funk, aka venetian snares

I listened to your cd the other day and can positively say it's one of the most irritating things I've ever heard. I mean that in the good way.
-alberta's j "angry man" wood, aka *consume*

i liked the parts in between songs.....what do call it.... oh yeah. silence.
-dan doormouse

the tracklist:

  1. action figure sold separately
  2. raw bloody beef
  3. fast like now
  4. swingset
  5. troubleshouting
  6. security disruptor
  7. scatter-zoom!
  8. vocational rehabilitation
  9. push cancel
  10. orgasm church
  11. peanut butter
  12. nukular fizz'x
  13. shaolin spitting contest
  14. behind the refrigerator door
  15. tractor splash
  16. 5 blocks from home
  17. sex out
the artwork:

front cover
back cover
inside front cover
cd artwork
full cassette insert