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Friday, January 07, 2005 
now i need to grab a nuvo...
this week's issue of nuvo has a best of 2004 list (like all media outlets do right now), & it turns out that rob g (co-host of the free zone as well as the guy who reviewed mmcb for imn) has included maura's milk chocolate bath as one of the "Top 10 new releases I listened to most in 2004"... so i need to grab a copy so i can see my name in 10pt print once again. (someday i'm going to start making collages out of old fliers & press clippings.... someday...)

this, along with tfy's inclusion of true data on his best of 2004 post on exbe, will probably be the only times i pop up in any "best of" lists this year, since mmcb came out in 2003 & there are only 90 copies at most of true data in circulation (buy my record, people! i have more than 100 left! i'm thinking i'll even reduce the price in 2005). but two is better than zero.

Thursday, January 06, 2005 
spoke too soon... it's still reverting to text/plain.

i have no idea why deleting the file extension works: that's still showing up as text/html.

everything works in ie, so for once ie users are not totally fucked (at least regarding this one tiny issue)

i'm at home now, my blog is still visible, & my mime-type is still "text/html".

all i did was move up my meta tags to the top of the head section (as opposed to being at the bottom of the head, underneath all my link, script, & style tags). could that have been the cure?

i won't really know until at least tomorrow morn, but so far this is promising. even if that wasn't the fix, i'm still glad i updated the template because now it's cleaner as well as RSS-enabled.

ah... here's a much better discussion of the plaintext bug...

if you see the bug again, right-click & select "view page info". the content-type should be "text/html": if it shows "text/plain" then something is wrong, most likely an apache bug.

still tracking down the "source code" issue (i think i should start calling it the "plaintext issue" because html markup is not really source code, & googling for "source code" will turn up primarily false hits). found a blog entry mentioning a site with a similar problem... some of the commenters assert that a meta problem was responsible for that issue, so i'm moving my meta tags around & republishing. of course, i don't know how to test this because i don't know how to duplicate the error other than just going home...

okay, obviously not a simple validation error... i guess more research is required.

Wednesday, January 05, 2005 
happy refresh
first post of 2005 y'all.

i'm still investigating the mysterious "source code" problem. tfy noted in the comments that if you experience that problem, deleting ".html" from the url will render the page properly (ie: i have no idea what's up with that, but it's a workaround just in case.

right now i'm working on getting the blog to validate properly (at least most of the way: i have lots of &s that should be &s and i'm not going to replace them all by hand). the theory is that the problem is some sort of intermittent rendering error has been caused by bad code, & cleaner code will make it go away. i have no idea how to test my theories because i don't know how to duplicate the error; it just seems to appear when i arrive at the office, then i fix it... it stays fixed during the workday, then it reappears when i get home. maybe rebooting or restarting mozilla will do it...

i've had an rss feed for the blog for awhile, but it's now actually linked to the page rather than hyperlinked. if you're using a non-ie browser you might also have noticed my new favicon. it's not perfect but i like it.

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