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Wednesday, December 22, 2004 
don't let it snow!
by my house, it snowed maybe an inch or so overnight. but up here in carmel by my workplace, it hasn't snowed at all (yet). during my last break, i was talking to someone who lives on the west side (where the airport is) & she said it had barely snowed over there also.

ah, those fickle weather reports... yesterday estimates were that we'd get as much as 4 to 8 inches of snow during the day today. but as of this morning, it looks like now most of that snow won't hit until this evening. here's what the national weather service has to say as of right now (last updated at 8am est):

Today: Periods of snow. High around 24. North northwest wind between 10 and 16 mph. Chance of precipitation is 80%. New snow accumulation of 1 to 2 inches possible.

Tonight: Periods of snow with widespread blowing snow. Low around 17. Wind chill values between zero and 8. Blustery, with a north northeast wind between 16 and 25 mph. Chance of precipitation is 100%. New snow accumulation of 3 to 7 inches possible.

1 to 2 inches isn't much at all. we were a bit worried about the drive to the airport, but with only 1-2in possible (& a 20% chance it won't snow again at all), the drive will be as easy as falling off a frozen log. i'm still a bit concerned about de-icing the plane, though.

this is likely to be my final blog entry before i leave. i'll still have computer access while in san francisco, so i'll be reachable by email & could possibly post while i'm there, but i might not get around to it.

to those of you who're still stuck in the winter wonderland, have a good holiday, and bundle up warmly! it's gonna be colder than a witch's tit out here (in indy the temp is supposed to drop below zero on xmas morn). & to connie and all you san franciscans: i'll see you soon!

Monday, December 20, 2004 
i could've sworn i blogged about this months ago, but apparently not...

back in september i was contacted by arie altena, from amsterdam. arie was editing an academic publication to be titled Unsorted: an A to Z for SonicActs X. sonicacts x was a corresponding live event/conference, with lectures & performances by all sorts of cool acts like dj /rupture and venetian snares.

in the email, arie informed me that mitchell whitelaw had written an article about databending & sonification that mentioned my work. whitelaw had also suggested that some of my databent images should be used as illustrations, so arie was writing me for permission to print them. of course i consented.

i got my copies of the book in the mail today. it's a little pocket-sized thing on yellow paper. you can actually read whitelaw's article, hearing pure data as a pdf on his website (courtesy of the university of canberra, where he teaches). the book is organized alphabetically by title: whitelaw's article is filed under H. as a consequence, my images are filed under S for stAllio!, and that section is even listed in the table of contents.

so the "stAllio! section" is two pages long. it includes the text of my june 12 blog entry announcing the databent image gallery, along with five thumbnails: rr8-1-bent, rr8-1-bent2, rr8-2-bent, rr8-5-bent, & rr8-7-bent. not the images i would've chosen, though this was printed in black & white, so maybe those were the most viable choices when stripped of their color information & shrunk os small (i know b&w bending for print is tricky stuff: i tried creating some bent art to use for the true data labels, but everything i did looked awful when printed, so i abandoned that & did more a traditional design).

fyi: as far as i know, the sales increase of the true data 12" from this notoriety has been exactly 0 units (oops, misplaced the decimal: it's actually 0.0 units).

escape from indiana
i leave wed afternoon to spend xmastime with my dear connie. i believe this will be my first ever xmas without my parents or family around (though we'll have lots of family time the following week), and probably my first xmas outside the midwest to boot. it will be interesting to spend the holiday in a more moderate climate.

i return on 12/26, the busiest travel day of the year, which will likely be hell. but i'm not worried about that: i'm more concerned about chances of snow during my departure. right now weather reports singal a chance of snow that day: from 40% to 70% to 80% depending on the source.

i've been stuck on a plane during de-icing before, & it's a long tedious process. so i'm hoping that if it snows that day, it will either stop for awhile before i depart or just not start until after i've gone. otherwise there's a chance i'll miss my connection and be stuck in the airport in charlotte, NC, of all places until i get a new flight.

it's still too early for meteorologists to even pretend they know what will happen with any accuracy. so far this indystar article has the most detail:

By Wednesday -- the second day of winter -- temperatures could rise enough to melt most of Sunday's snow. But more snow could start falling by Wednesday night, according to the National Weather Service.

The official arrival of winter is 7:42 a.m. Tuesday.

There's a big clash coming, with cold air from the north meeting warm air from the south, said weather service forecaster Chad Omitt. That could lead to a major midweek storm, but forecasters don't know exactly where the storm will hit. It might pass over Tennessee or West Virginia, or it could hit Indiana with a few inches of snow Wednesday -- right at the height of the holiday travel season.

that "by wednesday night" is promising: i'm scheduled to depart at 3:45pm. and the last paragraph i quoted is even more promising: it might not snow at all. but really, this is the most telling sentence in the article:

Don't try to make sense of Indiana's changeable weather.

of course, the article is at odds with the star's own weather forecast:

Very cold with intermittent snow, 1-3" for the morning. Very cold with intermittent snow, 1-3" in the afternoon. Cloudy and frigid with a chance for snow in the evening. Frigid with a good deal of cloudiness overnight.

if i ever even get out of indiana & away from the storm that might not be, i'll be home free. weather in charlotte looks fine, as does weather everywhere on 12/26. & san francisco promises to have highs in the 60s & lows in the mid-40s all week.

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