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Wednesday, June 23, 2004 
so i'm starting my car at the end of the day, leaving work on my way to get comics & milk, & i catch the tail end of a bizarre story on all things considered about the revd sun myung moon being coronated as the messiah on capital hill. moon is the head of the cultlike "unification church", the very wealthy publisher of the arch-conservative washington times, a hugely influential gazillionaire (he advised reagan), & a total crackpot. as a child i'd heard rumors about the unification church; there was a house full of "moonies" at the end of our block with a big honkin' "unification church" sign out front (i think they either finally moved out or changed their signage).

but don't take my word for it: the npr story interviewed john gorenfeld, who runs a blog called where in washington dc is sun myung moon?. here's what he has to say about moon in his faq:

...I was searching for someone's name, and came across some of the most amazing documents you've ever seen, at Moon's sermons. Wild boasts of controlling key Congressional leaders in the Republican Party, James Bond gee-whiz stuff about taking over the world using a secret fleet of submarines, religious talk blaming the Holocaust on the Jews. I was hooked. I couldn't believe no one was writing about this, especially after I discovered that $475,000 in Abstinence-Only funds were supporting Moon's missionaries.

and that's just background. gorenfeld himself broke the moon coronation story in the gadflyer. & boy, does it make for some juicy reading. this didn't take place in the howard johnson or even the ritz carlton. it took place in a senate office building where nobody is even allowed inside with a congressional invite. the hill if you find your suspension of disbelief obliterated by the outlandishness of it all, there's video too. it might be the tiniest quicktime video ever, but if the idea of a cult-produced propaganda video featuring members of congress appeals to you, you will definitely want to check it out.

on the total opposite end of the crackpot spectrum, those who've heard my performance at experiMENTAL or a sneak preview of the new animals within animals mp3ep (due out any day now) might have heard the paranoid ramblings of albert t wilson III (i used to call him the "sunglass man" because in the video he wore his sunglasses on the top of his head). chicklet stumbled across this guy on tucson public access & taped it for me... as soon as i saw him i was in awe. this man is desperately trying to save the world by getting out his urgent message about how the vatican conspiracy and nazi jews are taking over the world, replacing people with clones, & whatnot. recently i thought to search him out online (he is so desperate to let people know about the conspiracy that i figured he must have a website) & i found him! on top of that, i found that i can watch tucson public access online. the show is called "wake up call" & by my calculations will be on in about 40 minutes, so i'm going to try to watch it... & record it (or at least the audio). what a great day for found sound: moon's culty coronation video, wake up call, & earlier tonight i downloaded (legally, thanks to the wonderful the conet project, a 4cd set of "numbers stations" recorded off of shortwave. it's great listening, but the label actually had the audacity to sue the band wilco for sampling their recording... as though taping something off the radio gave you ownership of it. if anything, i think the obvious reaction to that should be for everyone and i mean everyone to sample the holy living fuck out of the conet project. hey, irdial already made lots of money on it even before they sued wilco for no justifiable reason, & some of these recordings are pretty cool, so i know i definitely intend to do some sampling.

Tuesday, June 22, 2004 
last night i dreamt my teeth all started slowly breaking off. i spent most of the dream spitting out tooth shards. it was pretty vivid too; i wasn't certain it was a dream until i woke up with a mouth full of choppers.

usually i don't remember my dreams. i guess that's what dental pain during sleep can do to you.

Monday, June 21, 2004 
i had a dentist appointment today. it was supposed to be for a filling, but it worked out a little differently than that.

this was actually the third time i'd scheduled this particular appt. the first time, i arrived at the dentist's office only to be informed that big thunderstorms the previous night had knocked out their computer network, so that while they theoretically could have done the dental work, they couldn't have done any of the ancillary administrative work related to that (scheduling, billing, etc). so i went on to work, & after their network was back i got a call to set up a new appt, which i did. then a few days later i got another call from the receptionist, telling me that when she'd made the previous appt she hadn't realized i would need 90 minutes for a bunch of filling work. so then we set up another appt, the one i just returned from.

my dentists are young; a couple years ago they took over the practice of an old retiring dentist who had been our family dentist since childhood. the old dr had a great receptionist, but she left when he retired. so in a way the quality of service has gone down, but then again the new drs have brought in lots of new tech. there are now tv sets in the rooms for patients to watch (today i watched catch 22 on a&e [when i could see the screen, that is]). & they have fancy new dentist toys, including a camera they can use to project close-ups of the inside of your mouth onto the tv in your room. that's pretty swank, i must say.

there are a couple "trouble spots" in my mouth that the dentist has been watching closely for awhile. the one that still hadn't been taken care of was an old metal filling from my childhood days back when i never brushed & would get cavities regularly. the area around this old chestnut had started to decay again, so back when we originally tried to schedule this appt, the dr told me he wanted to "get in there & look around; hopefully it'll just be a filling & we won't need a crown."

so i arrived today & we began the numbing process while i watched catch 22 (i actually spotted it for orson welles, who i hadn't remembered was even in that movie). once they were ready to start working they took this big rubber sheet sort of like a balloon & put it against my mouth to protect the teeth they weren't working on. this was a new twist for me. then they threaded dental floss through it in order to somehow fit it into place (i couldn't really see what they were doing from my vantage point, & they don't have the camera running the whole time... they only use that for emphasis).

turns out i'm difficult to numb, because even when i am fairly numb & have all the right symptoms, i can still feel a smidge of pain when the drill digs into me. he ended up pumping me with juice several more times over the course of the procedure, & even then it wasn't 100% effective. maybe next time i should ask if they can give me gas too.

anyway, not long after he started working he asked cryptically whether i had done anything to that tooth recently to damage it. not a good sign. this is when he busted out the camera, to show me several cracks in the tooth. enough cracks that if he tried to repair it all with a filling, there would be hardly any tooth left. if you've been paying attention by this point, you will deduce that he told me i need a crown.

but because (he told me) that he doesn't believe in the old bait & switch, he didn't just go ahead & put in a temporary crown. no, this appt was scheduled to be for a filling so he did filling work. so he dug out some of the metal, added some enamel in a few places, & gave me a "sed filling" (whatever that is; i could've sworn he said "sedentary filling" but google gives me nothing there... & i can't remember the name of the material used either).

anyway i get to go back july 19 to get a temporary crown installed. then 3 weeks after that i get to return for my new custom-fitted crown. yippee.

when i got home i said to my sister that i had inherited my father's teeth. dad's had a few problems with teeth breaking and losing fillings and needing crowns. i wonder how much more of this i have to look forward to... maybe i'll be lucky & i won't need any more crowns for many many years.

okay, by now my numbness has gone down enough to possibly eat some dinner (i'm starving), but of course now my jaw hurts. lovely. aspirin & enchiladas for din-din tonight.

Sunday, June 20, 2004 
i've been working on a new press kit, which i'll need to try to play a couple bigger events happening this summer. there's a biography as well as a small gallery of good-sized pictures (for print they need really big ones; these are all 1280x960 [hopefully that will be big enough]). so if you don't hate me for selling out by writing up such a thing, check it out & let me know if you see any grievous errors or omissions (i can only list so many artists i've played with).

here is the online version and this is the version i will print out to actually mail in (do a print preview in mozilla to see what it will look like printed).

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