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Friday, November 21, 2003 
i'm on vacation until december 1! time to relax & finally get some sleep. okay i probably won't get a whole lot of sleep until after the bloomington show on saturday, but i still have a week off after that. then two weeks back at work, then another week off when i go to san francisco... tis the season to slack off from work. falalalalalalala

i finished both my big collage pieces in time for the show, but i'm clueless on what would be the best way to actually hang them. they're basically big pieces of cardboard. it would be nice to keep them protected somehow too. i looked at poster frames but they're too thin. maybe dirtgoddess or bobby vomit will know what to do.

Thursday, November 20, 2003 
this is just a bad month for cbs. they bent over & spread 'em for the conservatives by cancelling the reagans, a decision that is still getting them in trouble. so in order to fill in some of the cavernous gaps this left in their schedule, they signed up to air a special about michael jackson. by now you probably see where this is going, since michael is once again accused of child molestation...

some shows get cancelled; some get uncancelled. now rumors are circulating about bringing back the family guy. this was a brilliant animated series that once aired on fox, but fox treated the show like an abused spouse, fucking it over every chance they could get & eventually leaving the show bruised, bleeding, & canceled in the middle of the floor. cartoon network picked up the show in syndication, & did something fox had never done: promoted the show! now fox is so astonished that the show is successful (extremely successful) that they're allegedly talking about bringing it back... now of course new episodes of family guy would be a dream come true, but i can't help but think that it's fox's own fault that the show didn't do well the first time it was on....

Wednesday, November 19, 2003 
let's all take a moment to applaud CBS for refusing to bow to pressure, & sticking to their principles by standing up for quality programming like the victoria's secret fashion show. the lesson is that nearly-nude supermodels are good; political discourse is bad. how dare they try to air something about politics on my tv! i just want to see tyra banks in a thong! (hmmm... already i'm envisioning a political drama with lots of cameos by victoria's secret models... ron & nancy having a threesome with elizabeth hurley... ronnie saying "illicit sex may be a sin, but god damn i want a piece of that ass!")

but anyway, if you want to see some censored tv, the good news is that showtime has moved up its premiere to november 30. of course, the version on showtime will probably be expurgated of anything truly controversial, but remember that rule about sex vs politics.... this is showtime after all, & the only movies i ever watched on that channel star people like shannon tweed & have titles like the bare wench project or lord of the g-strings (& how could i forget veronica 2030?)

okay, i haven't seen lord of the g-strings... yet.

Tuesday, November 18, 2003 
holy shit!!! bush has asked the UK govt for permission to shoot protesters!!! i swear i am not making this up; bush is going to london with a massive security team & he seriously had the balls to ask for "shoot-to-kill" clearance, which would have meant that if any of his security people just happened to shoot a protester (or two, or three, or all of them) then they would not have been held responsible. mercifully the UK refused; that kind of security clearance would've been really bad for these guys, who hope to use cell phones & other modern tech to circumvent the ginormous cloud of censorship that will follow bush wherever he goes during his visit, so that they can "disrupt the PR" & get in the way of all his meticulously choreographed photo ops.

& to think just last week bush said he welcomed the protests, saying "I value going to a country where people are free to say anything they want to say."... i guess what he meant was that he welcomed the protesters because they would let him get in some target practice.

Monday, November 17, 2003 
hmmm... i was image-searching on google for cereal images & i stumbled across this page (actually you might be better off just going straight to the directory). i'm not sure what it is, but it appears to be a large gallery of collages by young latin students.

Sunday, November 16, 2003 
just got back from fliering. at luna they had the neptunes present: clones on vinyl, so i was finally able to pick that up. & i scored a pink flamingos poster at vibes; that will go up in my stairwell right next to a great poster of scooby doo in an orange 80s jumpsuit spinning records... it didn't look like missing link was open (at least, their neon "open" sign wasn't lit up) so i didn't stop there but i hit the other 3 i'd mentioned. considering i went to 3 record stores & only bought 2 items total, i think i did a pretty good job resisting my consumeristic urges.

the other day i got a piece of spam with the best subject line ever. the message body was unmemorable, but check out this subject line:

Take care of those erection problems.antisemite

so not only does it accuse me of having erection problems (which is news to me), but it calls me a fucking antisemite! where do those spammers get off? i have plenty of love for my jewish brethren.

the funny part is that i'm 92% certain that the antisemistism bit was a total coincidence; from its placement & formatting it looks like those nonsense strings that often appear in spam subjects (presumably for tracking purposes). those are always the most obvious spam messages: stalliongsta, grow your penis. stjudxjkerh or Hi remember me?? dfshjkjierw. if i'm right, & it is a tracking code gone horribly wrong, a random selection of characters that just happened to turn into an accusation of race hatred, then that is one hell of a coincidence. if not, then it was truly terrible word choice (but probably still randomly pulled, like out of a dictionary file). either way, it was a strange way to advertise info about viagra & its newer competitor, le tigre (oops, i mean levitra).

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