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obviously, this feature is on indefinite hiatus, but enjoy the free zone themes and "arcology".

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this week's mp3s! : the free zone themes

three mp3s in all: link goes to separate page! posted: sun, june 26, 2005
original release: previously unreleased
notes: chandler and rob g of the free zone (easily indy's coolest radio show) asked me to compose a new intro for their radio show. i made three.

the first two tracks, "friday saturday" and "want to be free" are in the pop sampling/cutup vein that i'm perhaps best known for. the third track, "acapella" is indeed acapella, although it was edited down to 30 seconds from a few minutes of actual vocal recording. the idea was to mimic/parodize those modern radio ads that are so heavily littered with skipping, time stretching, and similar digital effects... these are effects that are used in some of my favorite experimental music, and most of those radio stations would never consider playing music that uses those effects, but they use them to death in their own ads. but anyway, i just hooked up a mic and mimicked skipping sounds and other noises, then selected my favorite takes and edited it all down to 30 seconds. it's kind of crappy but i thought it was an amusing concept and people often seem to be impressed with the "skipping" sounds i can make with my mouth.

last "week"'s mp3s: arcology and wrong of way

posted: sun, may 22, 2005
original release: perpetual emotion machine
notes: i won't be around to post an mp3 of the week next weekend, so this week i'm posting two mp3s, which will have to last you until early june.

this week i present two of the last tracker "songs" i ever made: "arcology" and "wrong of way" (i tried like the devil to capture an adequate recording of "the adventures of einstein mcdracula from the IT file [rather than having to record it off a tape copy] but for could not for various technical reasons).

arcology was a word i took from the video game civilization: call to power, which was actually pretty shitty and didn't deserve to be called "civilization": sid meier wasn't involved, the interface was clunky and obtuse, etc. but the one thing i did think was cool about it was that it went all the way up to the year 3000 and invented a whole bunch of future tech for the game. arcology was an advance that allowed people to live in hivelike structures, and later enabled man to live in ocean or space colonies. unfortunately, to get to the future tech you had to play all the way through from ancient times using the shitty interface, which i only ever did once or twice. but the stuff looked cool in the documentation.

as for the song "arcology", it might have used some samples from civ: call to power. or it's possible that those construction and battle sounds came from civilization ii. maybe they even came from a sound fx cd. it's been so long since i thought about this song that i really don't know anymore.

"wrong of way" has some similarly unrecognizable samples. some of the harsher sounds might be data sounds. they probably are. or maybe not. i know there's a sample of a garbage disposal in there, which i pulled off a sound fx cd, and probably a couple other sounds from that cd. beyond that i'm not really sure. this file was previously released as an mp3 back when it was originally released (around 99, back in the days) and has been floating around on p2p since then, but is included here basically because i wanted to include "the adventures of einstein mcdracula" but couldn't.

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