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Friday, February 13, 2004 
i sent my actual record order to united yesterday, so the ball is in motion now... it's only a matter of time before true data drops. i'm afraid that the labels might look like shit, but i've been working on this thing so long that i just decided i didn't care that much (which is funny considering how many times i tweaked & redesigned those damn labels). oh well. the audio content is most important; the labels are secondary, & i decided i'd rather just ship the thing & risk ugly labels than delay my order even more by worrying about it. i didn't even order label proofs, so i probably won't know how good or bad they'll look until i have the actual records (do they send proofs with test pressings?)... it was a tough design & i knew all along that they might not come out. as long as they're legible i'll be satisfied (& if they're totally illegible, i might just get some stickers made & slap those bad boys on the jackets... but then a straight photocopy of the labels was perfectly legible & didn't look too awful, & i can't imagine that their printing process would look worse than a simple xerox).

Tuesday, February 10, 2004 
happy birthday virago!

just got back from the mail room... i shipped my order to aardvark for mastering... i should send my united order within a couple days. (just need to fill out the forms & get to the bank for a cashier's check)

the weird part is that the mail room girl, who last week convinced me to use ups ground despite it being more expensive (although she seemed to think it wasn't), immediately went over to the post office machine & rung me up for first-class mail. i'm not complaining, because first-class is much cheaper & the estimated delivery time is about the same (though it's not "guaranteed", as though ups guarantees are worth the digital bits they're written on)... i'm just confused.

wow! i guess the chinese have a very different approach to right of publicity than we have in the states... a chinese businessman tried to trademark bush's name to sell diapers.

China's state Xinhua news agency said there was increasing interest in the use of a well-known person's name as a trademark.

It cited a pharmaceutical factory in south China's Guizhou Province which in 2001 succeeded in using Xie Tingfeng, the Mandarin name of Hong Kong pop star Nicholas Tse, to sell its anti-diarrhoea drug.

It added that officials have yet to rule on a request from a Beijing company called Nan Bei Tong to use the name of Mu Zimei, a 25-year-old sex columnist, on its condoms.

this just screams for a googlewash equating george w bush with dirty diapers.

Monday, February 09, 2004 
at least one person has mentioned that i haven't blogged in a week (though technically i did post 2x to awia news, including one update with several hints about exciting upcoming awia stuff)... this is due primarily to my somewhat heavy workload: at the office, & particularly to me being busy outside the office with other work: namely, putting out true data, & to a lesser degree selling t-shirts.

yep, unless something goes wrong i'll be sending off my first 12" to aardvark for mastering tomorrow, & should place my order with the pressing plant later in the week. i've been working on this thing off & on for damn close to a year & a half now, & i'm ready to be "finished" with it for a few weeks (until the actual records come in & i have to do the hard part, trying to sell the things). unszene's sudden screen pressing biz set me back a few days while i designed the hott new "recycle your record collection" shirt, then the OS crash set me back another 1-2 weeks... i've pretty much recovered from that (though i still can't get third-party cd burning software to work), & finally all the audio production & label design stuff is done.

all my other non-work work is being pushed aside until this baby has shipped... this includes not just the blog but audio work for other projects like the pirates of the internet or the upcoming awia mp3 release on lost frog records. & i'm really excited about working on the awia release, too... maybe tonight once i'm 100% positive the aardvark order is ready to ship in the morning, i'll reward myself by working on that for a bit...

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