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Saturday, June 05, 2004 
quotes quotes & quotes! stories where i probably wouldn't even bother with quotes if i didn't have fancy new quote blocks!

cia director george tenet has resigned. the telegraph sez

According to an occasionally tearful Mr Tenet the day after his resignation, the decision to leave the CIA on July 11 - seven years after he was appointed its director - was taken in order to spend more time with his family and, in particular, his son, John, who will start senior school next autumn. But one former CIA analyst, who has worked with Mr Tenet, suggested that the motives for his decision, which comes only five months before Mr Bush stands for re-election, are considerably more complicated and embittered.

"I think George, who is really a civil servant, not a politician, got too close to [the Bush administration's] policy-making agenda, above all on Iraq," said the analyst. "He got burned and now he's had enough."

of course, nobody believes tenet left simply to spend more time with his family. most people have actually been asking "why did it take so long?"

yay! i love my new quote blocks! so here's more news just so i can play around with them more (i'm simply not going to go back & edit all my old blog entries to use the new quote blocks, nosir.)

former president ronald reagan died today. if you're even loosely in touch with US news, you knew that already. but when looking at google news for stories, i found the angle of this cbs story to be interesting (this was the top reagan story when i looked):

No reporter knew Ronald and Nancy Reagan like Mike Wallace did.

This Sunday, on 60 Minutes, Wallace looks back at his interview with the Reagans at their beloved ranch in California, and at his special interview with the former first lady done just a few years ago.

In it, Nancy Reagan talks about living with the president in his final years, watching her husband deal with Alzheimer’s disease.

She told Wallace she can tell immediately when disease has him in its grips: "A different look in the eyes," she said. "A whole different look. You know, it really... it's been said often, of course, and it's true, it really is the long, long goodbye."

the man has only been dead a few hours, but already the lead of the top cbs story is about how fucking awesome their 60 minutes tribute to him will be.

this post is mostly to test a new quoting system i'm trying to set up with css so i don't have to keep using that lame italics convention.

fahrenheit 9/11 has a distributor!

As most of the Western world knows by now, it attracted controversy before it was ever screened, when Moore announced the Walt Disney Co. had refused to let its Miramax Films division distribute the movie.

Moore accused Disney of wanting, among other things, to protect alleged tax breaks in Florida, where the governor is the president's brother, Jeb.

Miramax chiefs Bob and Harvey Weinstein bought the $6-million movie personally and are distributing it through a partnership with Lions Gate Films and IFC Films.

They will probably laugh all the way to the bank.

you might notice the nifty new dashed lines separating the blog entries. i've wanted a good post separator for a long time but didn't know enough css to do it. now it's done. if the only thing you ever look at on this site is the blog, i encourage you to look around, because that is only the subtlest change of an all-around makeover. virtually the entire site has been updated to use css.

for example, this blog uses a stylesheet modified from glish. in the blog, i modified the template to add those lines & a few other custom things (like the image & links to the right, for example). just a few tweaks, really. but for the rest of the stAllio! site, i've used the glish stylesheet as a jumping board to create some similar-looking yet definitely different styles. at the very least, it no longer has that "mosaic" feel to it that the pure html formatting always had.

similarly, i really tweaked out the awia news template & applied a variation of that to the rest of the awia site. i think the awia color scheme is really improved now.

so yeah, i spent a lot of time the other day revamping the awia styles. i spent most of today revamping the awia site... then when i thought i was done, i had to go back & fix many of the st! pages to compensate for a bug in the way internet explorer implements css (they looked perfect in mozilla... luckily i had a book that mentioned the IE bug or i never would've caught it. just one more reason to use a good browser such as mozilla or firefox).

so take a look around, & let me know if you find anything awry. there are probably still a few nooks & crannies you can find through google that aren't css-ified (like the playlists from my long-defunct radio freedom show), but the only publicly linked material that hasn't been updated should be pirates of the internet (because the pirates deserve their own style, yet there are only two pages there... hardly enough to warrant restyling).

anyway, soon i might get back to actual blogging, but rest assured i haven't forgotted; i'm just trying out my new css skills...

Friday, June 04, 2004 
holy shee-it!

i graduated high school 10 years ago, so i'd been wondering when i would hear about a 10-year reunion. after all, these things usually happen in summer, summer is upon us, & i had heard nothing (i even logged on to classmates but found nothing).

so today i got the invitation. my 10-year reunion will be on july 10. it will cost $40. but i'll say it again: holy shit. check out this actual paragraph from the invitation:
Food, drink, and entertainment,
Featuring Tone Loc, provided.

wait, did i read that right?

fucking Tone Loc?

if tone loc is playing at my fucking high school reunion, i am fucking going, & that's that.

Thursday, June 03, 2004 
hey there, i'm back from my rr vacation. a pretty good party (oops, "salon"), a good set (i think; i'll know once i hear the recording), and lots & lots of quality time with my girlfriend. at some point i should probably do at least a brief write-up... hopefully soon.

but for now i've taken it upon myself to learn CSS, so that i can use it when drbmd & i redesign the bad taste site. stay tuned for that: bad taste will return. for now, you might notice some minor formatting tweaks here in the blog, and a new look for awia news. soon (starting tonight) other sections of the awia site will look more like awia news & less like 1996, as i develop a new stylesheet & start applying that to other sections.

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