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Saturday, November 01, 2003 
to those who still wonder about those missing 10 sermons from the olden days of stAllio!'s way... sometimes, when heading a religion, it's important to inspire your flock to believe in something, truly believe in some future event that most likely will never happen. whether that event ever happens is for the most part irrelevant (in fact, it's better if it doesn't); all that matters is that they patiently wait for it. for the christians, it's the second coming. for the jews, it's the first coming. for the muslims, it's... i guess mohammed's second coming? for the subgenii, it's july 5th 1998.

so yes, something like 4 years have passed & i never wrote those last 10 sermons. i don't intend to write them anytime soon, either. but that doesn't mean i never will. someday i could insert a wild hair into my ass & just write up those bad boys.

for now, i have introduced this "personal" blog so i can bring you banal observations from my life on a much more fluid schedule than the sermons would've allowed (to paraphrase the cell phone commercial, "i call it my 'whenever the hell i feel like it, so i'll do it when i'm damned good & ready plan'"). how often i will post here remains to be seen. but now that i've actually started the new blog, i'll most likely guilt myself into dropping by periodically.

got a big haul at indy cd today; picked up the new vsnares, new kid606, donna summer/ove-naxx split, & various other assorted goods. seems like every time i go there the selection is better. they have a doormouse divider now. & an ove-naxx divider! the guy at the counter said he'd been waiting for the summer/naxx split & was also waiting for ds's "this needs to be your style". it's still a bit weird & go into a local record shop & buy cds from artists i know or have in my buddy list. it also makes me wonder how easily i could get better distribution if i only got off my ass & sent demos out to labels...

this blog is brand new & is giving me grief setting up a template i like, so this entry is mostly written to take up space for layout purposes. it's better than "this is dummy text. this is dummy text. this is dummy text. this is dummy text. this is dummy text. this is dummy text. this is dummy text."

this is the new stAllio! blog, beeyatch

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