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Friday, December 17, 2004 
craptacular mp3z
we've had these mp3s for a little while, but are now ready to officially release them to the public. check 'em out:

lots 'o' good stuff here. i think my set is probably the best stAllio! live recording in months.

all mp3s recorded november 6, 2004 in bloomington indiana.

Thursday, December 16, 2004 
so the loud computer sound that woke me up the other night was definitely a fan noise. even worse, that "siren" sound came back before long. it seemed awfully strange that i was having more fan trouble already, but the last time we'd opened the case we'd noticed that i didn't have very good circulation in there, so last night we went to compusa & bought some new case fans to install.

once we got home & opened the case again, barry discovered that the brand new heat sink i'd bought last month had already broken. there was even a big crack in the fan! i imagine the sound that woke me up was the fan itself cracking. what a hunk of junk.

fortunately, when i went back to compusa today, they gave me no hassles exchanging the broken heat sink, even without its packaging. i also exchanged one of the case fans i'd bought yesterday: i needed one with a different adapter. however, the only fan i found that was the correct size and had the correct adapter at the correct price turned out to be one of those tricked-out bling-bling fans with LEDs in them.

barry installed all my new fans & things are working fine again, with better circulation than ever before and a faint green glow coming out the bottom.

Wednesday, December 15, 2004 
just when you thought you were safe
at about 4:30 this morning my computer suddenly started making a loud buzzing/humming/grinding sound. loud enough that it woke me up. so i turned it off & went back to bed. when i got up i turned it back on & the sound returned.

i just replaced my heat sink a couple weeks ago... this is a totally different sound. maybe it'll be something trivial & we'll get it fixed today (or barry will, anyway). because the thing is too damn loud to actually use without being distracting.

Tuesday, December 14, 2004 
capsule reviews
because i've been watching the fuck out of some movies on my new directivo, i figured i would throw out some capsule reviews of movies i've seen recently. reviews range in length from short to insanely short.

texas chainsaw remake: an enjoyable flick but not nearly as good as the original, and hardly even the same film as the original... various details were changed, generally for the worse. it just ain't the texas chainsaw massacre without a birthday scene.

the life and death of peter sellers: geoffry rush is amazing as peter sellers! amazing i tell you!

cherish: fun, quirky, indie film. entertaining but not outstanding. the main character listens to cheesy music and explains to everyone why it's actually good.

the road to perdition: excellent. tom hanks plays a badass, and pulls it off.

shattered glass: as an editor and someone who follows the media closely, i found it fascinating.

solaris (soderbergh/clooney remake): entertaining but almost excruciatingly slow. (in fact, i watched a few minutes of the original russian film years ago but stopped watching because it was too slow. though maybe it wouldn't be too slow for me now.) kind of like watching only the weird nonsensical parts of 2001 if you add in a romantic subplot and lots of melodramatic flashbacks. except 2001 was a much better film.

looney toons: back in action: has a lot of nice touches. the museum chase scene is priceless. but let's face it: this film begs to be compared to who framed roger rabbit? & frankly, this film lacks the magic that roger rabbit had. roger rabbit created a framework in which the cartoon and real worlds intersect & took us on a stylish journey through both. looney toons simply expects us to accept that toons are real. i think that symbolizes the difference in quality and vision between the two films.

full frontal: i'm not sure what to make of this one, the second soderbergh film in these reviews. it has a metafictional "film within a film" but seemingly both films have the same plot. okay, maybe "plot" is too strong a term, since this is one of those indie films where there are a bunch of people, then stuff happens, then it's over.

i'm probably forgetting a few, but that's enough for now.

RIP dr death
word from daniel is that bad taste collaborator dr death also known as melody assassins committed suicide a few months back.

he was a good artist and positive influence on the scene. he was featured on the bad taste sound not fit for human consumption compilation in addition to his solo releases and appearances on comps for other labels.

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