stAllio! bent gallery

update: my latest bends are on flickr, so check my flickr photostream and my sets to see my most recent work. i have hundreds more databent images there that aren't available here, including images created from raw data files, screenshots of corrupted satellite/cable tv, and loads more databending experiments.

welcome to the stAllio! bent image gallery. this is a collection of images (mostly photos) that i "databent" between 2003 and 2006 (before moving my bending activities to flickr in the summer of '06). really defining databending would take paragraphs (the info here is a good start), so let's just say it's opening or editing data with "the wrong" tools. the most common type of databending is sonification: opening data files in audio applications, or using data to generate midi events. i've done a lot of that too, but this site is about using databending techniques on image files to create glitch art.

if you want more technical details about some of the processes i use, a good place to start would be reading about the bollybend experiment and the results. otherwise, just jump in and take a look around. i assume you know how to navigate an image gallery: click the "thumbnail" to see full-size.

for JPG bends, i have also posted the actual bent files. these may look different on your machine than they do on mine. if you can open the actual bent file and it looks different from all the screenshots, please take a screenshot of how it looks on your computer and email it to me. also email me with any comments, bug reports, etc.

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bollybend results:

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friday cat bending:

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