submissions and extras

sometimes people will read about my image databending work and be inspired to try it themselves, then send me their results. this section is to highlight bent images that readers have sent in, as well as to include extra bent images that don't really fit anywhere else in the gallery.


the syntax of things sent in these bends of DSCF0043.jpg. his comments are included. after he sent me these, on a hunch i downloaded the GIMP and used it to open all my bent PSD files, often with very different results than i'd had in photoshop.

i don't have photoshop, but GIMP 2.2.6 comes with a psd plugin, so i gave DSCF0043 (the one that looks like connie is taking a nap) a whack... (hope you don't mind the attachments)

first of all, opening the jpeg in GIMP crashed the jpeg plugin for some reason, so i opened it in paint, converted it to bmp, opened *that* in the GIMP and converted it to a psd file. i started with loading it up in cool edit pro 2, interpreting it as a mono 16-bit wav. from there i took small frame-size segments and ran them through various fft filters (i seemed to have good luck with bass boost and "kill the 60hz ground loop" presets), and as i did this small streaks of blues and occasional reds would appear in different places. at one point connie was covered in them, and the bottom portion of the pic had this really awesome deep dark blue wash with occasional glitchy spots. then i started deleting small sections, and then when i applied a sonic foundry "gapper-snipper" directx plugin to a large chunk of the middle, i got what you see in DSCF0043-001.jpg.

just for fun, i converted that psd to a bmp, opened and saved it in wordpad, and the results are shown in DSCF0043-001_wp.jpg.


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rizzia sent in this bollbybend. his comments are included.

I think I have a new one that looks different from the ones on the blog if you are interested. It is 333x485 jpeg transformed from bmp. I never realized that could be done by editing the data in wordpad until I saw your blog. I had always assumed that any change would corrupt the whole file and render it unusable. The results can get really wild.

[...] I took the original picture and deleted one character from somewhere in the middle. I think it was a "y" with two dots over it.


the syntax of things also sent in these additional bollybends. these are actual bent files and they will render differently on different platforms/applications. he has his own follow-up page of side-by-side comparisons posted here.






DSCF0048-bent-gimp.jpg: this bent PSD file wouldn't even open in photoshop, but it opened just fine in the GIMP. i decided not to do a series of bends for this photo, but i did bend that one PSD file that one time, so i might as well include it now.


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extra bollybends: i actually bent that bollywood coke ad several times before i made the discovery that led to the actual bollybend experiment. some of those other bends are reproduced here.