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Thursday, December 08, 2005 
what exactly is jack rinehart's beat?
after my previous post, where miss ann takes RTV6's jack rinehart to task, i thought i'd check on some of his past work.

rinehart's official bio lists him as a "general assignment reporter" but what does that mean? "general assignment" could be pretty much anything. so if you could find an archive of his stories, you would imagine to find a wide variety of topics covered. and in a sense, i guess you could say that was true. but on further inspection, i noticed that all the stories i could find seemed to have something in common: they are all salacious and full of vice. drugs, prostitution, molestation, grand theft, murder, you name it. if it bleeds, it's probably by jack rinehart.

his bio states that his "proudest moment" was breaking the mike tyson rape story. granted, that was a big story, and he apparently won an emmy for his reporting on that story. but a scan of his work suggests that most of his stories are about crime or other R-rated subjects. it's pulp journalism.

take a look at this google advanced search, which collects all occurrences of the phrase "jack rinehart" that appear on (RTV6's web presence).

on page 1 of the search, in addition to two stories about the "dominatrix" (miss ann) and the link to his bio, we find the following stories:

Police: Church Fire Intentionally Set
Deliveryman: I Shot Man in Self Defense
Man Questioned After Body Found In Car Trunk
Man Apologizes For Teen's Slaying, Calls It Self-Defense
Officer Loses Eye, Suspect At-Large Following Shooting
Police: Man Wounded Would-Be Robber In Self-Defense

so we have three dead bodies, two wounded bodies (including a cop with a gouged-out eye), a church fire, and a dominatrix... and that's only in the first 10 hits! seriously: you might think i'm being selective and picking only the juiciest stories, but see for yourself.

want more? let's skip to page 2:

Police: Prostitutes Worked At Home Massage Business
Pacers Players Questioned About Credit Card Scam
Defense Attorneys Fight Man's Death Wish
Sex Offenders Elude Police Tracking
Truck Crashes Into Indianapolis House
Student Accuses School Workers Of Inappropriate Contact
Police: Man Killed Wife After Hearing Divorce Plan
Officers: Pet Store's Condition Worst We've Seen
Veteran's Missing Medal Of Honor Found
Allegation Against Scientist Means DNA Retests In 64 Cases

starting to get the picture? page 2 has more dead bodies, prostitutes, a car crash, sex offenders, fraud, and a war hero whose prized medal was stolen. if you're still not convinced and proceed to page 3, you'll find more sex offenders, more condemned properties, another car crash, a driver's ed teacher caught DWI, a bridge burning (literally), and yes...even "terror concerns".

terror concerns! if any phrase i found in this google search truly epitomizes the idea of sensationalized fear-mongering pseudojournalism, it's "terror concerns".

page 4 has a carjacking, a police shooting (of a sword-wielding man!), a swinger's club, a chemical spill, a prostitution ring, still more dead bodies, and a headline featuring the wonderful quote "it felt like hell".

it goes on and on like that. practically every story involves lurid crimes or seedy things happening behind closed doors. what's up with that? is rinehart working the sleaze beat?

i suppose i could come up with other explanations. like maybe he also collaborates on stories that are more "wholesome" but doesn't get his name in those stories as often. or maybe his work on other stories just doesn't end up on the website (he is a tv journalist, after all). or maybe his most salacious stories simply get more clicks and thus higher google page ranks while his less juicy work ends up at the bottom of the pile (though the last page of results, page 16, includes tales of robbery, assault, voyeurism, homicide, and arson, which pokes some holes in that theory). but occam's razor would suggest that if it looks like tabloid journalism and sounds like tabloid journalism, it's most likely to be tabloid-style journalism.

in a way, it's kind of a shame this didn't happen last month, because november 10 was officially jack rinehart day! celebrating 30 years of sleaze.

I agree. I mean like isn't it awesome people her age can still do that? I feel like they are attacking my grandma or somerthing. Leave her alone, she isn't doing anything wrong. You rock!!!!! ¶

—posted by Anonymous Anonymous, at 6:50 PM, December 08, 2005  
now now, it isn't polite to discuss a lady's age. you could get your ass beat for that. (and not in a good way!)

though i do agree that it's awesome that strong women who are older than what the media considers to be their "prime" (teens and early 20s) can make a living (in part) off their sexuality. ¶

Wellllll, that is what I meant to say. You know what I mean. It's just that you see these young babes and then you coome across someone like that and it makes you think. I only glanced twice because I knew she had to be what? Like 55 or so? That is meant as a compliment because I think older babes need to speak out more about how hot you can be at any age. It's all about attitude and I think she is doing a really awesome job! ¶

—posted by Anonymous Anonymous, at 12:11 AM, December 10, 2005  
The Lady does not have sex. She did let me cum but that's what I paid her for. Being consensual, it was not illegal and ol bart needs to back the fu#k off. Miss Ann does not screw her clients. Letting us have a nut is not the same thing as there is no actual intercourse happening. We cannot go down on her except under unusual circumstances but most of the time she is clothed in full. That is NOT illegal. It is consensual and no one's business. ¶

—posted by Anonymous Bill, at 6:06 PM, December 10, 2005  
Bill, you didn't session with me. I know this because I do not permit 'release' in professional sessions. I also do not necessarily engage in what people clients tell me they want, afterall if I did I would be the equivalent of a submissive, not a dominant in the scene. ¶

I know both Jack and Miss Ann, I like both Jack and Miss Ann.

All parties involved should be thankful for Jack and his reporting since it did give Miss Ann an opportunity to show up with grace under pressure and allow the media to see a collected business person with facts.

It is not Jack people should be mad at. We should be mad at the morons who started this to begin with. Jack did not start this, Jack is doing his job just like Miss Ann is doing her job.

Since there has been an outpour of suport and information for Miss Ann maybe her business will increase and that would be the best revenge to any of the nay sayers. ¶

—posted by Anonymous Anonymous, at 9:16 AM, December 29, 2005  
I would agree. Jack is a sweetheart. I also think this is getting just a tad old. ¶

—posted by Anonymous A Lady, at 6:33 AM, December 30, 2005  
Miss Ann wrote:

It was brought to my attention today by one of my politicly saavy friends that information needs to be leaked to City Hall in regard to their pal Jack Rinehart (channel 6) who frequently beds with the good folks down at City Hall. Since there is more than one member of this group who either works for the city or has contacts with the city, I thought I'd post it here. I know how people just love to talk and I trust that surely someone will 'anonymously' forward my post to the right people! (God Bless the internet)

Here are some facts I know about Jack:

Besides the fact that Jack showed me a copy of the city's complaint and summons before I was served my copy, he also told me about the Mayor's December 1st Press Conference at approximately 1pm on November 30th. He had knowledge of the press conference much earlier than the rest of the media who was notified by email later that day at 4:29 pm. That's not surprising since sources tell me Jack is down at city hall constantly sniffing and begging for the next story he can sensationalize for TV ratings.

Here's a link to a little research Meridian Kessler resident news blogger did on old Jack entitled, "What Exactly is Jack Rinehart's Beat?" (Thanks stAllio! that's mighty thoughtful of you!)

The city (and Jack) should never underestimate that I have friends everywhere.

Jack's 'tip' about the press conference was used to try to get a reaction from me. Instead I got him off my property as quickly as possible and got on the phone with my contacts in the city.

Finally one of them got back to me at 5pm and told me that the Mayor's press conference email announcement was officially sent that day at 4:29pm. That meant Jack knew about it well before the rest of the media and used his inside knowledge to tip me off. This in turn enabled me to upset the Mayor's dog and pony show photo op by showing up in person and surprising them all!

I arrived early which gave me time to tip off the media that THE REFORMATORY BOUTIQUE was indeed not classified as 'adult' by city zoning officials and provided the media with the zoning official's name and phone number. Yet, there was city hall blatantly trying to lie to the public about my non-adult classified business being both illegal and 'shut down' by the good Mayor. The media learned that I voluntarily closed the shop for financial reasons on October 29 (anniversary of Erotic Arts Ball) more than a month before the press conference. I privately announced to friends on October 14 (six weeks before the Mayor's conference) my intent to close.

It is SHAMEFUL that the city paid no regard whatsoever to the other businesses inside the Chatham Center and caused their lives to be upset for a day or two by the press conference (but that is another story).

Hopefully someone out there will let city hall know that old Jack is no friend of city hall. In fact, he caused the embarassing upset of their hastily prepared press conference by giving me advance knowledge and ultimately spin control of the situation.

Nice work Jack! Keep it up!

To keep up with all the documents concerning me and city hall, please do visit my official website, THE REFORMATORY.



—posted by Anonymous Anonymous, at 6:44 AM, December 30, 2005  
the suggestion that miss ann should be grateful to jack presents a "chicken and egg" question.

it may well be true that if jack hadn't shown up at her door that second time seeking comment about the mayor's upcoming press conference, she would never have known about (and thus been able to interrupt) the press conference.

but my question is this: would the city have even known or cared about miss ann's dungeon if jack hadn't run his first story in 2003? before that, miss ann was known to the BDSM community, but most people outside the scene had no idea who she was. even her neighbors didn't know about her dungeon until jack started snooping around.

it may be impossible to truly answer whether any of this would've happened if jack had never filed that first story, i suspect the answer is no. the city wants to score political points by shutting miss ann down, and there would be no points to earn if the public didn't already know about her.

while jack didn't file suit against miss ann or anything like that, you could say that he did "start this" by drawing attention to her in the first place. ¶

Jack did not START this. Ann has always had chaos surrounding her and her life. First she had problems with what she claims was a male transvestite in Texas by the name (I think) of Mistress Dallas (who many of us believe was Ann herself) and this supposed Dallas he/she whatever, ousted Ann out of spite or something. Then both put up websites making fun of other people and it just turned into one big joke.
Then there is Jack but before Jack even, check out the entire contents of her own group (if the messages are still there) Ann was outing other dommes and posting their pictures and making fun of them. Then she starts to have problems with a live in domme/sub, whatever and she starts harassing that person. She even justified throwing a vibrater at someone and making a public scene. I think she even posted some derogatory comments about a girl she had working for her claiming she more or less took her out of a life of lap dancing. Is this a mess or what? THEN she has problems with inkink and other professional dommes who want nothing to do with her. Now I find it hard to believe that all these NUMEROUS people are at fault and everyone is picking on Ann. If she isn't blaming Jack, she's blaming the Mayor and if not them then the other pros. She has seriously discredited herself and I just think it is all one big joke. I can only assume she was brought up feeling unloved and desperately seeking attention because that is all she wants. ATTENTION.

By the way stAllio, I love your site and would die happy just to serve you for a day. ¶

—posted by Anonymous Anonymous, at 9:44 AM, January 01, 2006  
I was at a munch with other Mistresses and subs and it was common knowledge that Miss Ann actually thought she would go onto Oprah Winfrey and be interviewed. She compares herself to Oprah Winfrey.
Oprah is in a class of her own and wouldn't touch professional sex workers.
I remember one Mistress laughing as this submissive related a story Miss Ann had told him in regards to this. Now these were all people who Miss Ann claims are such good friends of hers. Does she even have real friends? ¶

—posted by Anonymous stevie, at 9:53 AM, January 01, 2006  
What is a munch? Stevie is white trash pretending not to be. ¶

—posted by Anonymous Anonymous, at 11:49 AM, January 05, 2006  
a munch is an informal dinner gathering of people in the BDSM community. basically, it's a bunch of dommes, subs, and those who are "curious" or "new to the scene" getting together at a restaurant for a good, nonsexual time. ¶

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