the discography

yard ape
the debut cdr, bad taste #13. free mp3 download
mono a mono
the 2cdr followup, bad taste #20. free mp3 download
get me some press or kill these people
free downloadable mp3ep from lost frog productions
parts is parts
the comeback, bad taste #26. free mp3 download
bad taste #34, a tribute to the macho man
produce, abuse, resample
fresh for 2012, bad taste #37. free mp3 download
AWIA presents skipmunks vol 1
bad taste #42. broken bots sing your favorite hits
AWIA presents skipmunks vol 2
bad taste #43. the bots are back with more glitch pop
we fail for a living
bad taste #44. coming october 11
compilation appearances

related/of interest:
stAllio! - wack cylinders
free download, brand new for 2008! see also st! discog and mp3s.
pirates of the internet
plunder-lovin' side project from stAllio! & murkbox.

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