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Friday, August 08, 2008 
honky talk angel and carlos sanchez
he is kinda like bob segar , hey likes his homo sexuals like his whiskey ,a gay man is alwasy s str98 and happy , st8 edge homo erectus , feline fighter , copy wright infringemnet spectate masterbate a rtiual love making mache computer masturbatino skill coarse , bitch fuck fist fight fest, bacon comb , tomb raider, hanger kisl skilles. skillet head rambo fest , hog fuck gargoyle wash , hidding , to be seeing , smell s like a pile of bull shit , fuckin pusssy , queer , rabbit .

der in zeee phucks can me say i am in love records are deliscious i recomend any schaefer on vinyl bobby vomit

der in zeee phucks can me say i am in love records are deliscious i recomend any schaefer on vinyl bobby vomit

this is it
the bobby vomit blawg bitches: put that in your pipe and smoke it



Friday, August 01, 2008 


negleckt here is some thing from about the last year of my life



Thursday, July 31, 2008 
ought abut a skull it , i like my braids , its beeen so long , i forgot what it was likt to interact, i should figure out a link to the flicker , even if you dont reqad it i am intertained , taint . lick , it , my heart is a crack raock , all smoked up and confused , breaking the law strallin an robbin , takin wha tt it wanst wants to get more of what it doesnt need , k ruff n tuff bugger but t shoopin in a fleamarket
hair cut o r ot , th



sad waste doesnt care some where in indiana

111 arts gallery and tattoo studio

111 e main street , since may , maybe even april all my time has been spent working on this building , buying it , me and shannon , are going to open up sometime in august, art gallery 1 st thursday of everympnth with a performing artis , mostly noise and electrnics , maybe some acoustic folk , butt fuck your couzins wilest watching , kaptain kangoroo,

grandpa grab ass
daniel is grabbing his ,pa pa ass,, he has fleas right now , 2 projects are almost done another started , aybe get some photos,

Friday, July 25, 2008 
time flies when your mind is running out off your ass, so i have been reading etc, havnt stoped livin thought iwasnt takin an interest in keaping up the blog , i think not updating it everyday created a lack of interest and i hope to keep up on here if not just a little bit to document the mass amount of projects i have been working on as a sorta LOG , etc, my brain is extremely small not as small as my penis but close , ,,,

Tuesday, February 05, 2008 

flags wave em high gettting caled out on the poost tromaticc hiatis syndrom , sadwasted boblog sir reverand butcher balls miss me logo action pasked bullmalarchy , anrchy flued feelings lost in the time warp badtasted , were have you been hiding angry mad , world destruction noise , people isss peopls shesheeple people sheople , s is noise , blah blah blah blawg , here it is half of a year gone and nothing new from me what happend ,,, lets say my old lady left and i like drinking ,,, hahahaahah and smoking and a lot of change , its coming around i am coing out of the closet flag , , . re aranging the furniture at home , paying attention to little things missing somthing , are we ready for summer ,, ?

Tuesday, May 29, 2007 
turn down
so luke called me sat night late an sund morn show was cancelled tho the people i lined up showed with people ,, very disapointing not getting involved with setting shows up shows for othere s orgasmoic resoponse unit had other things to do ? i spent my memorial day weekend serving up for retards was invited and coulda done shit wiht my daughter fuck those bands for not showing ,, but thats life thank s for ffucking up my mhole week planning kleaning getting shit ready telling people getting baby sitter etc.. dewds sucks make the most of my middle finger....

Thursday, May 24, 2007 
sunday the 27

memorial day in the basement ,,,, 4 acts i will be on bass guitar with orgasmic resopnse unit !!!! yeah ,, some dewd from nuvo is or wants to take picture maybe we can mug hime o her and take there photo equipment ,,, no never hahaha no poop in g on floor ,,, doggy style only poop on floor while g oin gay and doing naked hand stands or cart wheel pooping is alowwed !!


8 00 pm 700 howard muncie old west end

show up around 7 ish esc. est

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