stAllio! - greatest orchestra hits
a meditation on the "orchestra hits" (or stabs) that were so ubiquitous in the '80s. more of a "glitch music video" than a glitch video.
stAllio! - take your broke ass home (ramsay version)
ramsay's glitchin' nightmares.
stAllio! - take your broke ass home (extra glitchy)
something went horribly wrong with this copy of the video. horribly wrong... in a good way.
animals within animals - you want really annoying crap?
NSFW glitched television madness.
animals within animals - who are these people?
satellite tv with tons of macroblocking and a dash of datamoshing.
somatic responses - androstyle
i made this several years ago for somatic responses, back in the days of the c8 list. to this day, i'm not sure whether they like it.
stAllio! - eggify
video feedback, scrambled tv porn, and glitched closed-captioning.
murkbox - telemetry (glitchy version)
a happy accident happened while converting this old analog video to digital, resulting in hardcore glitch.