glitch music releases
a huge smash.
in this follow-up to mash smarter not harder, the samples get shorter and the cuts get faster as i smash pop music into tiny pieces and reassemble them into new arrangements. now available for free download!

mash smarter not harder.
in this EP i introduce a new style of post-mashup music, as i begin to explore the space in between traditional mashup and glitch. available for free download from bad taste.

data sound releases
true data 12".
12" vinyl release of databent songs. 4 songs meticulously crafted out of data files i found on my hard drive. still available for sale in the AWIA shop. available for streaming at soundcloud.

dissonance is bliss.
some of my original databent songs, constructed using impulse tracker. available for free download from bad taste.

assorted bent/glitchy songs
the following releases contain some databent or glitch content:

animals within animals - parts is parts

animals within animals - get me some press or kill these people

stAllio! - maura's milk chocolate bath

animals within animals - mono a mono

all are available for free download. more detailed information coming soon.