Amaze, amuse, or confuse your friends with these fun links by stAllio! especially designed for sharing on social media!

Attachment Unavailable
Masquerades itself as the Facebook "attachment unavailable" error, so when you post this on Facebook it looks like a bad link — like you tried to share something you weren't supposed to. Those who see through the façade are rewarded with a cool text animation. Bonus fun: if your friends try to tell you the link is bad, you get to pretend like you don't know what they're talking about.
Share This Link Without Reading It
For maximum shareability, just share without reading!
Which Random Character Are You?
Which randomly generated text character are you? The results may surprise you!
This Link Has Been Deleted
Facebook lets you keep sharing links long after they've been deleted! This link was deleted on November 27, 2016 but if you post the URL on Facebook, it loads up the title and description as if the page is still there.

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