mono a mono

mono a mono
by animals within animals
bad taste #20
released = halloween 2001

2 cdrs of text manipulation, databending, confusing dialogue, dark beats, & silly samples. never before has the same old thing sounded so different.

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check out this review from razorcake #7:


An amazing album! This double CD features a lot of pro-ape ideals. And we all know apes make better lovers. A huge list of music mixing geniuses have contributed to this record, most of them are names you might not recognize--but beware, you soon will. Both CDs feature samples galore--they have a major pro-sample idea as well. The CD claims that 92% of the material on this is "recycled." They even pass out "please sample" and "please remix" stickers in each case. The first track, "Hello," samples every fucking hello you can comprehend in music (from The Doors to Lionel Richie) into one hysterical and awesome song. Then you are thrown into organized chaos--samples of news programs, interviews, music, and beyond. Noise fans, sample fans, fine artists--fucking get this. One of my top releases of cultural onslaught in the world. -Sarah Stierch (Bad Taste)

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