animals within animals live/radio mp3s

AWIA live at RRX

AWIA @ RRX mp3
63m16s, @192kbps = ~90MB

the rest of this audio is all pretty old. we might be posting some more soon, or maybe we won't. there is tons more awia & related live audio out there to be found on places like the recycled rainbow gallery, the bad taste site, p2p communities like soulseek, etc

live on electric kingdom, WCBN 88.3 ann-arbor

big thanks to chris tree sprocket, piss throb rock hero, & all at WCBN who helped bring us there 3x.

the second show: feb 15, 2002

live at recycled rainbow(s)

recycled rainbow is a recurring party/"salon" in lakewood ohio... big ups to every man & dirtgoddess for hosting, as well as all the great artists we've hooked up with.

recycled rainbow 3.0: june 15 2002

128bit mp3 (approx 1hr: 54.15MB)

other recycled rainbows

check the recycled rainbow gallery, mentioned previously, for audio from the most recent rr event (currently #10)

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all AWIA mp3s are provided using a Creative Commons Sampling Plus 1.0 License. please feel free to sample or include in your net radio show/podcast, & please email stAllio! if you do so we can listen!