glitch text generator/scripts—change log

last updated: October 1, 2018

v.1.1.4—October 1, 2018

  1. The scramble panel now has an "amount" slider that controls how much of the text is replaced. Turn the slider down low to replace only a few characters in your input text, or crank it all the way up to replace every character. Thanks to Max for suggesting this update.
  2. There is now a Copy button next to each input box, for easily copying the contents of that box to the clipboard.

v.1.1.3—October 15, 2017

Added even more animations.

v.1.1.2—May 31, 2015

The glitch text scripts now recognize and skip spaces (if you want them to)! This is turned on by default in the glitch text generator; uncheck the Spaces checkbox at the top of the page to turn it off.

This is done using a new optional skipSpace attribute on the glitchAll and Randomize scripts. Pass true to these scripts to turn this on.

v1.1.1—January 2015

Added lots more animations.

v1.1—December 2014

Added a new animate panel with five categories of CSS animations that you can mix & match. The duration of each animation can be set independently.

mouseover scripts—July 2014

Implemented the glitch text mouseovers as a separate script file to make them more easy to use in websites.

v1.0.5—June 2014

Added a new pos panel with x and y sliders that allow you to move things around more easily on the screen.

v1.0.4—May, 2014

Added a few more fonts to the font drop-down, to make it easier to play around with dingbats. New fonts are Webdings, Wingdings, Wingdings 2, Wingdings 3.

v1.0.3—March 15, 2014

Added a text box to the font panel, so now you can use virtually any font you have installed—just type the font name in the box and click Go!

Also added two new options to the scramble panel—Basic ASCII and Extended ASCII—for use with display fonts that don't have a lot of characters.

v1.0.2—Feb. 01, 2014

Added almost 20 new options to the scramble panel. Many of these new options require a font like Code2000—get Code2000 for free here.

v1.0.1—Dec. 01, 2013

Users reported that chars U+0340 and U+0341 don't play well with facebook, so these were removed from the "random" scripts. They are still available via the precise panel.

Added several new options to the scramble panel: Braille, Galgolithic, Coptic, Tifinagh, Vai, Linear B, Cypriot, Phaistos Disc, More Symbols, Transport, Alchemical, Supplemental Punctuation.

Added Combining Diacritical Marks for Symbols to the precise panel. These only work in FreeSans, FreeSerif, and Symbola, so if you want to use them, you'll need to install those fonts (they're free!). You'll probably also want to use "FreeFonts mode" (see below).

Added a FreeFonts button that makes it easier to work with chars that are only visible in the Free* fonts or Symbola. Clicking this button:

There is of course also a Base fonts button for switching back out of FreeFonts mode.