Bored of mp3s? Try Music Direct from awia!

Sure, mp3s are fun, but if you're like me, they can get boring pretty quickly. The sound quality is pretty poor, for one thing, & you can only listen to them on your computer or on an expensive portable mp3 player... which doesn't do anything but play mp3s! I want music that goes with me everywhere, without having to carry a bulky mini-computer everywhere I go! That's why I love new Music Direct, from awia!

Music Direct is just what it says: Music played directly into your brain. The specially-encoded music then occupies your brain & overrides your aural nerves, making you hear the music all the time with no bulky headphones or battery-powered players! Take a shot of Music Direct and go anywhere--to the beach, to work, to school, underwater, skydiving, or even to church! It's like having your own interior soundtrack!

Music Direct is available in two formats: Intraaural & Subcutaneous. Intraaural injections are given with our special painless intraaural dispenser. Simply insert the dispenser into ear and push the button. The music then interacts directly with the brain via the eardrum and the eustachian tube. Music lasts 4-6 hours.

Subcutaneous--for long-term dosages. A diluted solution is injected under the skin using a syringe. The solution is absorbed into the bloodstream & carried to the brain. The music begins within 2 hours of injection & last 48-72 hours.

Kissing fish is not an approved method of extracting Music Direct.