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Tuesday, May 31, 2005 
recycled retard vomitosis corrosive anti performer
workshop D vent yeas again we venturured into the land of Ohio to form a union of sorts awia compositon ,9:00 show time and 6:00 vege pot luck nothing was on schudule 4 out of 8 acts caled it no show fo sho and that left quark at the up most som dewd did a bill and teds most excellent adventure skitt ,more of the theme this time i was told was not to focus on perfoer groups people but on the workshops this time so a long power point presentation show latest newest computer junk crap was offered by otto von shaky hands mary an the fallen water master see ya , weird i wanted more music tried to play records during his set felt bad didnt work out we played between sets i think 4:22 tributere to cagein frront yard was cool glow sticks shooting up and then guitarzan shows up with a portable amp start jimmihendrixing theis shit i walked away can say i stay cool up until my last beer i have now i dea were i put it but i did pick up somone else fork and plate the next morning to be curtious i think someon thought to much of moop and swiped my beer thanks i wasnt wasted set it down for minut e were was weeveryone i dont know saw a play read magazine saw puppett show the nights thmem venture from costumes? to dungeons and dragons wich i was confuse ed sock puppet show veary thaeetthe4astrical book binding event thanks again , will be my last time there everyman and dirt goddess widget and 3 inch sand paper cd thanks always crazy salon events,, cookie cokies ben is rasta magic photo shots on sheets onlookers stair into garage lonsome follow me to the glowstcks fart man aw jimmie i thought you were dead ,, architextures argument role the dice dungeon master very unaware ii listed a record player on ebay it is gon g fo r over 50$ rca portable tube model!!any one cares records turntables for sell now many l rock shit weirdo jazz lounge comedy and phonos soon more whos ear stuff and vomit records ...see you in the woods 7 1/2 hour drive wow wanted to stop of stay with murkbox night be4 but he is bussy driving down sat. mor 71/2 leave here at like 6 in morn tenessee fuck all destroy in the woods with moribun d travis morgan ncc ,,,,,,,outside event yay ,,been awaiting 2 months so see ya forks also ben i sent show post flire shit to you if awia wants to stick it UP


where did you get that 4 out of 8 didn't show? that's not true. one, maybe two acts had to cancel, and hetmana was supposed to play friday but ended up playing saturday, but that's about it in terms of cancellations.

By Blogger stAllio!, at 9:01 AM  

i am pretty sure thats what i heard that might but if thats not true than its not

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 2:42 PM  

One person cancelled last minute, Steve Barrett filled in for him. Hetmana was moved, but wasn't cancelled, so we had 5 musical performances on Saturday instead of the expected 4.

Sorry you won't be making it out here again. I know you're a musician/noisemaker and that is where your interests lie, at least to see more jams at RR's. If I had a bigger space to hold these events in, we'd probably have more music going on.

Unfortunately, the house aint that big. In fairness, we feel over-emphasizing music then de-emphasizes the other arts which we feel are equally as pertitent. Our friends are artists from various ilks, not just music. This event was an "experiment" to see how it would hold up mixing the various arts together, giving them all some equal time. Some things worked, some things didn't. We know what to work on to make it better next time. We just want to be careful to avoid making it a "just a weird party." We'd like it to be a learning experience in addition to being a fun time.

AWIA's set was fantastic as expected. You guys always deliver the goods! Sorry you didn't have a good time.


By Anonymous Every Man, at 1:40 PM  

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