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Saturday, April 30, 2005 
short set
ok eweell we made all bad taste i listend to audio of show i really like that psace no t to many complaints my turntable wasnt really doing what it can i flaked a llittle maybe but listening very short and i love the helmet hitting the ground so that was the point i reaeally wanted to push an anti war theme even if some dont get it or wonder why it was so short and ben wowwy i recorded that 21 day b4 rad unszebenstormin iunszene begining of set cut off and end butcher set shortened (flip tape) stallio full length benhajnmm aoiju953ohgv if you want can you put couple of the tracks from that cd up here as mp3 post? your choise of traxcks ? ok well ewe weere outta smokes and got some for the ride mhomeo woooooohoooo and then we jamed noise cds full blast whilest zooming through the wide open fields of ohio lots of cops out i was smoking cloves feeling awkward about having talked to so many people and wondering the outcome really explosive short trip not univentfull just mellow good time with friends over all great performance tight but not overwelming (maybe that the building is better with out the art gallery wich addeid a bit of somthing different thatn were the ( badtaste ) crew ussally ends up playing as a crew?? screw you touuuu budddie no fun me and ben did a (barbershop) vocal soft duo thing at ind cincinnATTI AND STH WKRP IN CIN FUNNY WE WERE HAVING A GOOD TIME (ithink) SO that was it i guess me and jas made it home around 2 in mourn i ate stuffed mushrooom with ricootto rice drank some juice ate a papaya and a pear and went to bed woke and made it to work seconds flat !!!listed to cassette of show didnt make it through roberts set ringings in left ear (joking)??????????? yet looked @ bens post to tseee if there were any of hi stallioings wingding editorial copyright infringement political satire rambling journal blawg but i am first on the show my versions is week as i am insane and hate everyone spreading hat e racsim vilence untollerance annoying lies espianage and terrrorism amongst human race horrible ( liear liar ) liar liar pants on fire retard cor


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