people with missing limbs

Subiak Orbiter takes out the frustrations of being large & furry by beating up those who are smaller & furry.
Breather creates his own air supply using a port on his chest. He also releases solo work under the Breather name.
Unszene may be just a chimp, but he can kick any black-belt human's ass any day.
In his spare time, Gefhrliches Mdchen creates signage to help corporate slaves feel more contented with their jobs.
Stunt Rock is also known as "the jewish little jack horner" because he's constantly sticking his thumb in hamen tosh. He has several tracks on Addict as well as his own label.
Backstatic is no ordinary old bald man. He has released works on Bad Taste & elsewhere as Backstatic, da cza, & a member of Masochistic Ear.
fILT are currently hiding out from the government inside a tree somewhere in Canada. This somehow does not stop them from creating music.
Styroteqe has a rare disease that causes him to excrete a rocky white substance from his nose. He records the sound of passing this substance & calls the recordings "repl0gen".