people without heads

Lander Kitt has laserbeam eyes that can shoot smoke, fire, or physical debris. He is the reclusive co-founder & martyr of the band. Sadly, Lander passed away in 2006.
stAllio! nGsta has no such bionics, & must use a handheld flamethrower when fighting the bloody war against chairs. The other co-founder, stAl!y has a few solo releases on Bad Taste & his own section of this site.
Dr Butcher, MD "earned" his medical degree by murdering his own doctor & cutting out a section of his abdomen. He is involved with many other Bad Taste projects, including the Gabbist Monks, Masochistic Ear, & Mainline.

Chicklet McSexy & her brood communicate with the hive using tubes worn over the mouth.

murkbox lives in a burlap sack inside a cave with his 4 siblings, the mohawk spuds. He has several solo releases on Bad Taste, his own website, & is also a member of Mainline.

Badger was born with only one & 1/2 arms, no legs or pelvis at all. His stomach & intestines are on the outside of his body, yet he insists on eating all that oatmeal!
He has solo material by the name of Project Mercury

Mainline Crux has never been photographed because he does not register within the light spectrum capable of being captured on film. He has released solo material as Mainline Crux & other names.
Diode is a master of disguise, & will often pose as inanimate objects for hours at a time in order to frighten rodents. He has released solo cds & performs live often in front of sizeable crowds.