barbershop demo

be prepared for the operatic massapiece which will permanently change the way you think of vocals (if not music in general). barbershop music is still a miniscule yet proud and idealistic artform. will this be the album that changes that? i think you know it will!

you heard it plugged by the release of the phoylooh ep on the funeral for a ben lp, and believe when you're told that phoylooh was just the beginning! stAlly was just warming up!

35 songs!:
urban legendshe don't think she's pretty
#1 brandwhen my vengeance comes around
on my jockkittykat
my good twinpRaise the fiGgitTy fOe!
gran massa bobbaa'ight
swizzlestik v3zling
skornful lookbeat decor8er
what is youprettiest thing (riggitty rizzenee)
kashierstoryi was dead
mo' penis mo' problemsb'lo v b'hi
kutshortdon't p yer p
ping-pong part 3
post 1st det
round in rap
this is how we check

all songs written/performed by stAllio! 1998 except salaminizer written by gwar ęcopyright 1990 master records/bmg songs (ascap)